I was born in 1982, in Madrid, Spain, where I also completed my studies in photography and film/tv editing between 2000 and 2003. At the same time, I apprenticed with local photographers and eventually, around 2004, I started freelancing. For the following 9 years, I primarily worked as a portrait and unit still photographer also covering the occasional high-end event. Additionally, I worked in other fields like press, documentary, reportage, street, fashion, music, weddings, corporate, action/sports, pack shots, and art reproduction.

Much earlier than that, when I was 3 years old, my parents put me on skis and it changed my life forever. That’s why in 2013, I moved to British Columbia. Then, in 2023, I became a Canadian citizen. Today, I’m based in Vancouver and I’d consider myself a versatile professional with a varied background mainly working on portrait, documentary, wedding, and unit still photography.

2015 devReporter Grant for producing a multimedia story on the aftermath of 2010 Haiti earthquake (Haití. El reto de la reconstrucción)

2013 finalist Revela II International Photography Award for the Social Rights Holders (Julia, a self-made woman)

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