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Borja Moncunill (1982, Madrid, Spain) is an independent photographer specializing in portrait and documentary photography.

To further extend his education, since 2001 and whilst studying photography and film editing, Borja cooperates with diverse photographers whose main areas of expertise are portraiture, advertising, fashion and editorial photography. Thus, he learns techniques, styles and different ways of working although his interest is primarily focused on the narrative and documentary possibilities of the photographic language.

In 2003 he finishes his studies in Madrid and in 2004 starts working independently. He uses his wide range of learning experience and starts carrying out orders of diverse nature. His collaboration with some major Spanish media companies gradually increases and for some years he develops a great part of his work in the fields of still photography and portrait, an area of special interest to him.

In 2009, as he was tired of the professional environment and there was a lack of time to execute other projects, and to travel and ski, he temporarily stops working on sets in a regular basis. Since then he decides to settle in the mountains and to portray at his own pace.

He is currently based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, and carries out specific assignments –mainly portrait and editorial photography– with a documentary approach.

+1 7788291716

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35 Shots

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Haití. El reto de la reconstrucción


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